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Sybit Tech is a software development company from Romania. We are composed experienced developers using latest technologies available.


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SyPlayer is a music player app focused on preserving battery life as well as working a remote for queing songs in SyPlayer Server. Details

SyPlayer Server

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What We Do.

We focus on software.

Web Development

Form simple websites, to custom SaaS webapps. Not only we code but we also design databases and implement security.

Software Development

Are you in need of custom software? We can help.

Mobile Apps

Do you have an ideea ? We can help you reach bilions of potential customs by developing Android and iOS Apps.

Cloud IaaS

Comming soon. Meet our IaaS products, always online and backed up.

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420058 Mihai Eminescu Nr.4 Bistrita, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania

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